How to best achieve toyification like Lucky's Tale, CloudCity Crescent Bay demo

I’m working with a top down pack and trying to achieve that same level of Toyifcation seen in games like Lucky’s Tale, RTS Crystal Cove Demo, Cloud City Crescent bay demo.

I’d imagine it’s adjusting convergence levels much like 3D Vision but as a newb to UE4 I’m not quite sure how to accomplish this.

So far I can get my games running in FP view with DK2 no problem but top down is what really excites me.

Any tips, links outside of the luckys tale keynote (I was there) would be awesome and SOOOOO appreciated!

Think of it as a scale based off real world values–the VR headset will have the correct settings, the units in UE4 are in centimeters. So if you want it to look like the size of a board game, then you would make it actually the size of a board game. I’d probably make things bigger though.

Can’t remember where the exact setting is, but you’ll also want to reduce your near-clip plane to a very low value - the current default means you’ll clip through small objects if you get too close to them.

In this thread I was asking about scaling the stereo camera’s separation for a similar purpose. In my case I couldn’t just scale the world as each player in my multiplayer game could be a different size. I also believe there is another practical reason for not actually making the world tiny, and that is physics. Physics engines usually break down when things get too small (and really big, too) so having the world created as if it were human sized, and then scale the stereo camera’s separation to make it feel smaller seems like the way to go.

Unfortunately, I’ve not heard from anyone in that thread about this being built in, so we may need to roll our own.

  • Dave