How to become a Particle System Expert?


me and some friends are trying to make a game. I chose to be the guy who is responsible for Particles for the first. Propably for Sounds and Audio in general later as well.
I watched the video series from Epic and also done most of the Particle Systems along with him.

Things I question myself for example:

  • How to make dynamic Particle Systems? Like a lightning-circle that gets bigger if the object on which the Particle System is applied to is bigger. Same for smaller objects.
  • How to create and understand Vector Fields very well? I have the impression that this is really really important to know.
  • Is Cascade the only tool to work with?
  • Whats the best way of implementing Particle Systems in your game? For different situations and behaviours.

The list will go on and on the more I work with Particle Systems.

Is here any expert or someone who at least feels really confident in making good Particle Systems and have some advices?

I know the best way is learning-by-doing. I will do this anyway.

Thanks in Advance

Go to this channel, now that you are out of official UE videos, and watch all his “how-to” stuff and dailies.

How you get good: Practice your art, every day, no matter what it is.


Holy Moly! This guy has some awesome particles. Thanks for the hint and advice. Will definitely look into the whole stuff.