How to be notify of all overlap in the level?

Hi, I run into an issue and I’m searching solution. The question:

How can I be notify of all overlap in the level?

And now let’s explain why I want this or think I want this and put the situation in context. So I’m making a multiplayer game which is not using the unreal network. I create my server in c++ who process data of client. I hit a point where I needed to have some verification done (mostly collision and hit detection).

So I decide to have a special client (which I call MapManagement) that would connect to my server and basically receive the important data. But it have a major problem , he receive well and execute well the data, I’ll explain the situation first and then the problem.

So if I send from client X «process weapon attack», inside the MapManagement he will start the animation and swing the sword and if the sword overlap with a character, he send the hit to the mainServer who apply damage and do the rest of the job.

But even if all of that work, if the pawn of the MapManagement is looking at the sky or simply not looking at the character who represent «client X», the overlap never happen.

What I think is that the animation is not play if it’s not in the view of the Pawn OR the character/weapon collision don’t exist if they are not render in the screen, not sure what the problem!

So if you have a solution I’m open to any suggestion, just let me know and have a good day!