How to bake GI/indirect lighting only ?

Since LPV don’t work well in UE4 and the other solution is slow and demanding, I figured I should bake GI and use real-time directional lighting and shadows.

What’s the setup for such lighting approach ?


All there is is lightmass. it will store GI bounces (dunno how many). But be aware that one actually cannot visually work without the other. The visual effect would break down if either one changed.

The best result I came across so far is thee experiments with VXGI and shadow map caching :slight_smile:

Well, I am sure it will work fine with static GI and dynamic shadows/lighting if I don’t do day/night cycles.

that’s exactly what it was made for…but depending on your actual use case lightmass may or may not be applicable.

For example, a realtime solution for the Kite Demo was implemented not just because its fun…but rather because building static lighting for laaaarge open worlds simply is not feasible :slight_smile:

Is there a write up about lighting setup in Kite Demo ?

I recall it was barely holding 30 fps on Titan X. So such solution isn’t suitable :slight_smile: I would be aiming for mass PC market and XB1, and so I’d need something that looks decent and performs well. I am not overly concerned with realistic physical representation of lighting in my games :wink:

hard to say without knowing the type of game and environment.

A top down shooter happening mostly on a terrain (not UE4 Landscape most likely), but sometimes in underground bunkers.

Just set all your light to stationary. These still can cast dynamic shadows and direct lighting contribution is done realtime.

Yup, that should work just fine in such a scenario! :smiley: