How to bake emit maps with the rest of lightning?

Hi! I have a scene where is all in one mesh and one material (is for mobile) and i´m baking light inside the editor.
I have two textures, albedo and emit, but i want to use only one texture in the final material (because is pointless to use an emit map if all lights are baked anyway). How can i bake this emit texture with all the rest of the lightning?
Is something trivial to bake in blender, but i want to learn how to bake lights in ue4.

If you want a surface to look like it’s glowing and other parts to look like they aren’t, then you’d have to keep it there.

Alternately though, you can bake all of it to one texture in Blender, then you would just use an unlit material in UE4 and wouldn’t make lighting there.