How to avoid team reset every round?

idk why team resets to 1 every time

@flopperfsp2k Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here? Fortnite Creative

This is not a bug, it is the way creative has always worked (one of its many shortcomings what will probably never be updated).

To remember a team between rounds you need mechanics, there are two possible solutions. Either use classes as a way to remember the team (class 1 - team 1, class 2 - team 2 etc). At the start of the next round do a class check and move players back to the correct team. The other solution is to use the save device to remember teams between rounds.

could you help me with the class checker idk how to make one

Basically when a player chooses a team, also set a unique class for the player (team 1 = class 1, team 2=class 2 and so on). Make sure the option in the main settings to remember class between rounds is on. Spawn pads used at the start of round 2 should use class to determine where a player spawns and not team. Make sure these spawn pads are inside the area of a class selector. This class selector moves the player back to the required team. So, if a player class is 1, change them to team 1. Its this simple.

Its probably easier with a save device but given they go wrong quite often, I personally feel its better to use class selectors instead.

thx would you help me on screenshare on discord please? i would be very grateful my dc is freezy849 lmk

I don’t have time to help in that way sorry, but I suspect there will be videos on YT on how to do this also. Its quite easy.

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