How to automatically create Steamwork Stat if it doesn't exist


I am currently working with leaderboards. And I found that if I try to read a non existent stat from a leaderboard (I add a new song to the game, thus I just look at the song stat), steamworks will just hang forever.

So, I can for now create all the stat variables manually. But it would be neat to modify something on the online subsystem for Steam, so that it will create stats automatically if it detects that it doesn’t exist on the “read leaderboard value” node.


API should not do things for there own or else it limits possible scenerios, aspecially write something on read function, it’s job of your code to check if stats exists (if that possible) and then read. and you code need to be ready for any scenerio. APIs shoud react somehow for stat to not exists if thats possible insted of hanging, so this can be considered bug, but you are sure that hang is not result of your code, not reacting properly to situation?