How to attach collision enabled actor to skeletal mesh bone

So I want to attach a club (a static mesh actor) to the character mesh’s skeleton, and I want that club to have collision enabled so that it can knock objects around as it’s swung. Much like in this official Unreal tutorial video:

However, it seems like perhaps this no longer works. If “Simulate Physics” is enabled on the static mesh when I try to attach the actor, via AttachRootComponentTo, then it’ll fail to attach due to code in USceneComponent::AttachTo that explictly bails if “Simulate Physics” is enabled. And if the actor is attached first, and then “Simulate Physics” is enabled, then the actor gets detached, due to code in FBodyInstance::SetInstanceSimulatePhysics that explicitly detaches the component. So is the tutorial out of date, or am I missing something? If it is out of date, then how are you supposed to attach a collision enabled actor to a skeletal mesh bone?

Also, I thought maybe a physics constraint was the way to go, but it looks like that won’t work either because the constraint must link two physics bodies, and the skeletal mesh bone I’m trying to attach to isn’t a physics body (there’s no physics asset for the mesh).