How to attach a mesh to an actors socket?


I am trying to attach a Static Mesh of a weapon to my Actor characters socket.

ASCharacter* Pawn = Cast<ASCharacter>(InstigatorPawn);
if (Pawn)
USkeletalMeshComponent *Character = Pawn->GetMesh();
MeshComp->AttachTo(Character, "Weapon", EAttachLocation::SnapToTarget);

Instead of attaching it to the socket, when i go to pick up the weapon i placed in game it falls back on the ground in a different location.

It sounds like the static mesh in question still has physics enabled.
If so, make sure to disable that first.

Otherwise, need more information :slight_smile:


How do i disable the physics of the static mesh?

Believe me there is nothing more to it. Im just trying to Attach a static mesh to an actors socket.


@Kris ty. I figured it out.

MeshComp->SetSimulatePhysics(false); // Fixes Issue of not attaching
MeshComp->SetCollisionEnabled(ECollisionEnabled::NoCollision); // Fixes issue of weird movement after attaching mesh.