How to attach a destructible mesh to a static Mesh with movable mobility?

Good day!

I’m having a bit of a problem with attaching a destructible mesh to a static mesh with movable mobility.
But when I set the static mesh to a static mobility, it attaches just fine. But I really need the static mesh to have a movable mobility.
Anything I can do about it?

Here are some images:

Before hit:

After hit:

Here is the settings of the static mesh:

And here’s for the destructible mesh:

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks a lot guys!

Can’t anyone please help me?

Hi Jibera,

When using flags like World Support or Asset Defined Support these will only work if the DM is in contact with objects in your scene that is Static. If the mesh it’s in contact with is set to Movable it will not use these flags.

If you hover over the flag for World/Asset Defined Support you can read the tooltip that will explain its use.


If you need these two to move together you can go to your World Outliner and parent the DM to the movable static mesh by dragging it on top of the other. This will not treat it like world support. They will just move together, but they will not stick together. They will be separated since both would be simulating physics.

I hope this helps.


Okay! I’ll try to do that! Thanks for the answer!

What does environmental support mean? Because I would like to have a wall, and every chunk that is Inside a Static Mesh it should be indestructible, and attached to that static mesh.

And I don’t want to create a couple of different destructible meshes, and manually set that.