How to assign skeleton to metahuman character?

I’m currently using metahuman characters to my project and there are lot of problems.
One of them is assigning skeleton. On the marketplace, most products compatible with default unreal skeleton and default unreal skeleton is not compatible with metahuman skeleton surprisingly.
I could barely retarget whole animation files to the metahuman skeleton,
but couldn’t find any correct way to assign skeleton for meshes.
If I opened up the assign skeleton window, there is a table shows how to matching bones to another.
But this table is not editable. It just matches bones using their names. “root” to “root”, “hand_r” to “hand_r”, etc.
I have to modify spine_01, spine_02, spine_03 bones to spine_03, spine_04, spine_05. because metahuman skeleton looked this way.
How can I change this?

And why the metahuman skeleton different with default unreal skeleton?
I don’t see any useful body modification functions in metahuman app. They sould have renamed their app to metaface, not metahuman.

I was able to retarget some Mannequin animations to the f_med_nrw_body_skmesh skeleton then replace the new anim into the blueprint, it “knew” the retarget for my “epic skeleton” rig automatically. The animation looks correct and I did not see any spine errors in my retarget.

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Hey there! There’s a little section in the documentation that covers how to retarget basic Manny’s skeleton and animations onto the Metahuman characters right here. Specifically step 2 covers how to handle the slight differences in base skeletons, which is just an addition of some extra bones like the hands and neck. Hopefully this helps clarify a bit, and please let me know if you have any questions!