How to assign a random color per instance?


This is driving me crazy, I would like to know if it’s possible to assign a different color to each instance (HISM) ?
I found suggestions about using the “perInstanceRandom” node in the material, but that doesn’t do anything. Seems to be broken…

Is there any way to achieve that, or is it impossible in unreal engine?

Thanks, I really need your help to save my sanity… :frowning:

Like this:…ot-suppor.html

But you won’t be happy with the results, explanation in that thread.

edit: for colour you’d need to push in 3 floats

Thank you for sharing that link! It’s very disheartening though, but I guess I can experiment around a bit with it.

For as long as you do not use LODs and no culling occurs, it *works. *