How to apply texture to entire brush

I’m used to working with hammer for mapping (HL2,CS:S,TF2). You can select a texture, select a brush, then click a button and every face of the brush will use the selected texture. Is there anything like this in UE4? I don’t want to drag and drop the texture to every single face, especially with stairs, which can have hundreds of faces.

You can also select multiple faces and then drag and drop to one and applies to all. Not sure if this will help you.

That doesn’t help, because to do that would still require clicking on hundreds of faces.

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That’s a thing I’d also like to know!
In UDK it was possible to assign it to the whole brush just by drag&drop but this does not work anymore… :confused:
What you can do is to use the “select adjacent surfaces” tools for quickly selecting multiple surfaces but this starts to get difficult if you selectively want to select faces of one brush that touches another one…

[Shift] + ** B ]** to select whole brush.

Check out Select drop down menu in Geometry, there is a lot handy selection actions.


If click “select faces”, it selects all faces in the project, not only faces of selected brush. This is weird.


Like zeOrb said, select one face on your BSP brush, hit SHIFT+B, then apply whatever material you want in the details panel- I don’t get what the issue is? Doesn’t really get easier…

Select the brush by clicking it. From Select drop down menu, select “Select all surfaces” and then drag and drop the material on it

I have been trying to figure this out for so long, you are a life saver! You just saved me so much time, thanks for that.

youre the king <3