How to apply RenderTarget to Viewport?

Hello, I have render target that renders a texture (square image) I want to use this texture to replace my other camera view? I have used a plane object and just placed the texture there, but it looks squared, I need to fit it same as the other camera. When I was searching for it, I only found Camera2Texture, but I need Texture2Camera basically.

Are you trying to make a loading screen or something else?

I working on VR-zoom in option for GearVR, I have tried to Set-Active between 1 and 2nd cameras inside one Character, it works only on PC, so I decided to simplify a task and make RenderTarget2D-Camera closer to the object and once I hit Trigger I want to switch to RenderTargetView, since I cannot just switch to this view, I created a Flat-Plane.obj and applied RenderTarget texture to the plane, currently it does the job, but image looks suared and I just moving it closed to the camera and it doesnt’ look good, so I need fit texture to the camera on Character, this way it gives a feeling of zoom-in.

Thank you I will try that, I have just tested RenderTarget2D on 2K resolution texture and I see performance has dropped to 20fps which is very noticeable.
I hope StereoLayers would help if they can update the texture quicker or maybe there are other ways to make ZOOM-IN option in VR, the best practice would be Set-FOV, but it doesn’t work in VR, can’t override it.

Definitely have a look at Stereo Layers. You can render 3D Widgets to them, including the possibility to manipulate an Image widget to, for example, zoom into the Texture it is displaying. Give it a try and post again here if you get stuck.

You can use a Face Locked Stereo Layer for that. It should work also in GearVR. See here: