How to apply one material over multiple surfaces as a single surface.


I am trying to apply a movie file over multiple surfaces without having it apply the movie to each surface individually. Each Surface is part of the screen and the screen will split allowing the user to walk through.
Any ideas on how this may be achieved?

you can use a decal instead of a mesh.

Thank you for the Response. This looks like it will work however i cant get the video texture to play on the decal. Am i missing a basic step?
I have a decal setup with the media texture applied but its still showing up with the default decal texture.

if you open up the material there’s a drop down that you select the type of material. there’s options like surface, post process, light function, and decal.

by default materials are set to surface, you just need to change it to a decal material. and then there’s another drop down list just below that to select the blend mode (opaque, translucent, masked, ect). you’ll need to set that to translucent.

I’m not sure. I browsed around a bit and found a post where an epic staff person is saying only some of the decal blend modes work on mobile. so I guess you could make a few decals with different decal blend modes then package and see if any show up.

“Hi, because mobile uses a forward renderer instead of the deferred renderer we use on PC and console, we support only translucent, additive and modulated blend modes on mobile decals. For the same reason, only unlit decals are supported.”

Im sorry i shouldve been more clear. It is working in the game engine and even when i press play but when it is packaged using ASTC and runs in the application the decal is blank.