How to apply interesting level transition effects

I’m curious how one would apply an interesting effect between levels. I’d like to transport a player to new level while keeping them in the same location. So for example let’s say the player presses the button the current level would “dissolve” around them and the next level would do some interesting effect as it appears around them.

Hey thanks for the link. It’s definitely useful for handling how to load a new level but it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

I want to apply an effect to every object of both the incoming and outgoing level in order to create a special effect.

Essentially an effect similar to this - Advanced Dissolve FX in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace but applied to all objects in my level.

Is there an approach I should take in order to achieve this? Meaning is there a way I need to set up my materials so that all of them can take advantage of this effect?

Yeah sure why not . You just have to learn to create dynamic material and trigger during level change
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