How to apply graphics options defined in a first Level (and stored in a SaveGame), in a second Level?

I followed a tutorial on how to make a functional menu to adjust my game’s graphics settings, apply them, and save them to the computer. Therefore, in my menu I adjust these parameters, then when I quit the game, I find the same parameters as left before. But here’s the problem: when I want to start a game from my menu, I click on a button that brings me to a new map, but when I try to load the graphical settings I stored earlier to apply them in this new Level, the “cast to SaveGame” fails, and my values ​​take those by default, that is to say minimal. My game quality is therefore very low and the sensitivity of my mouse is zero. I don’t understand how this “cast to SaveGame” (located in my Level Blueprint) can fail. Also, when I exit my level and come back to the menu, and open my widget to display my options, these take their default values, that is minimum, again. I followed this tutorial to set up the options menu, but not to be able to transmit the variables to other levels: Change Graphics Settings In-Game - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube If you have any blueprint to show to me so as I understand the problem, do not hesitate ! Help would be mush appreciated !

You need to cast you YOUR save game ( whatever you called it ), that’s where you put the information.

If you don’t get what I mean, post your level BP code so I can see what’s going on :slight_smile:

That’s what I did. After going through my menu, I open my Level and I do a “Cast To BP_SaveGame” (the name of my SaveGame). Therefore, I extract the variables that are integer type, which I use as an index to then, coupled with a command Array, find the same graphic parameters as those defined in the menu earlier. But as I saw that these variables were all set to their default values (0), I wanted to check where it came from by making a print string in my Level: the variables of my BP_SaveGame are not read correctly, they therefore take their default values: 0.

This is the start of my Level blueprint, where I call this function I made:

That’s what’s inside:

Ok, so if that cast fails, it means it’s not a BP_savegame.

Can you show the where you create it, and the code that updates and saves it?

Do you need more help?