How to apply a texture to a whole landscape?

Hi everyone.

First, I am new here and don’t know all the details of UE4.
I want to make a flat map of world (or country…). I apply my DEM files (here a png file) to my landscape. But when I want to apply texture (satellite view of DEM), UE4 scale it to each tiles and when I try to scale it, the texture never fit to landscape.

I made a material from texture of course.

So I want to know how to scale texture automatically/manually to landscape.

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i was looking for the same thing yesterday!

here is what i found out. i did a landscape using a heightmap texture of 4033x4033 and in order to apply a 4033x4033 texture on the whole of it, i used the LandscapeCoords node and in its mapping scale in entered 4033. maybe that helps

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