How to allow players to choose location?

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My question might be unusual, but here it goes.

I am developing a map where there are a few pictures on the walls, and the player should be able to select its set position related to it.

I am wondering how to have set locations in the map where the player is able to ‘click/go to’ and his position, as well as IMU, would be locked.

This leads to my second question as if it is possible to lock the player’s map position as well as IMU tracking.

Any help would be awesome.


Moving the player around the map shouldn’t be an issue at all. In theory, the camera (or what the camera is attached to (Pawn/Character/Other)) is just the player in the world space. So setting the object’s location that the camera is attached to, to another location in the map, will move that player to that location. How you select that position would be up to you (Button presses, in-game menus, ect).

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by locking the IMU however, do you mean so the person cannot actually move or that the camera wouldn’t move in game. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t do this in VR, as it can easily induce sickness if you are able to move around in the real world, but that doesn’t correlate to what is happening in the VR space.

Thanks for the reply @Dune

The problem has been solved. But yeah, I am performing a few hardware tests at my company. And for the tests, I needed the Camera to not be locked to the HMD as well as allow for position selection in the map. There would be no user wearing the headset, only screen captures and analysis.

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