How to adjust Material/Texture size on different surfaces?

Hello Everyone

my question is about how can i adjust my texture size on different surfaces? is there any editor like the one in UDK for this purpose?


Thanks in advance

Hi! I think that with the texture UV’s node connected to the texture sample you can fix this. With the texture coordinates you will be able to set the U and V scale projection.

I hope it helped! :wink:


  1. Pull up the material in the editor
  2. Add TexCoord or hold U on the keyboard and left click
  3. Change size of the TexCoord
  4. Plug TexCoord into all Texture Samples
  5. Done

The tools you are thinking of still exist but like in UDK3 are only available on BSP brushes.

The other two that answers before me are correct, if you’re working with a Static Mesh. You can adjust the tiling with a UV Node in the material.


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