How to add VR to current non-VR project

Hey everyone!

I have been working on a project for about a year now, and, i just got the VIVE a month or so ago. I wanted to add the ability to use VR in the project, and, when i press the play in VR button, i dont get VR at all.
I assume because the project is yet to be setup for it.

Using the VR project setup, i mapped all the buttons and all that to the project.

Question is: What is needed to be able to run something like “SteamVR=true then VR load”, “SteamVR=false then PC Mode load” ??
Im not really sure what i need to add to the ini’s or what changes need done to be able to test in VR, and, have it play in my Vive.

Hi , I can help you with adding VR support to your project in return you help me with some quick test for my project , if you like the idea tell me so i send you my FB ID /steam id so we can follow our progress there :slight_smile: