How to add this effect on my game?

Hi All,

I just started working on a third person game via blueprint and I’m wondering how can I do this effect? (Please refer on the video)

I would like to add a skill on my character with that kind of effect? (I.e. if I press a certain key it would initiate the skill/effect like in the video) How can I make it happen just by using Blueprint?(Not fan of programming :p) Please help. I’m a newbie so I’d appreciate a specific “How to” / tutorial. :slight_smile:


Hello Choi, first off it would be good to know at what point you are stuck…

Do you have your character set up with the animation playing when a button is pressed? If so, there is no programming or blueprint editing required…you can simply use animation notifications to trigger a particle effect.

If you don’t have your character and animations set-up then i’d suggest reading through the animation documentation as this is the best ‘how to’ that exists.


Thanks for the quick response mate! Let’s just say that I have my actor with a simple punch animation, how can i possibly add an effect like this? Is it possible to create it via UE4 alone? Or do I need a third party software like Maya, 3dsMax, etc.? I have no idea how to mimic that kind of effect.

Appreciate the reference as well. I’ll look into it.


Hi Choi, no worries :slight_smile:

You can certainly do most (if not all) of the effect in UE4 alone, you may need Photoshop/GIMP to make some textures. I’m not great on particle systems so I’d suggest reading the documentation on the particle editor (sorry more docs!!)

For a quick test though, you can download some of the examples from the learn tab in the Epic launcher and you will find many pre existing effects that you can tweak or just use as-is.

Once you have one that you like, use an anim notify to trigger it at the correct point in the punch animation.



Thanks for those documentations, though it seems a lot to digest but I’ll definitely check it out.

I’m still in the early stage of learning so figuring this out might take a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps!

No worries, you’ll pick it up in no time. Good luck!! :slight_smile: