How to add something to user's hand in ARCore?

Hi guys.
I see how we can add stuff to player’s face (“Augmented Faces” Augmented Faces  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers )

But how to add something somewhere else?
Maybe something to user’s hand? How to attach an item to user’s palm?

(and if UE4 arcore api is lacking something, then what software do people use for such tasks?)


The face recognition algorithms are in ARCore (or ARkit) implemented and exposed to the engine.
Detecting hands, feet or whatever is currently not a feature of ARCore.

So this has nothing to do with Unreal Engine or its AR plugins.
If you see this somewhere, it was proprietary developed by people who have a deep understanding of these platforms.
It might be developed for just one customer, like a Nike app that detects users feet, but that does not mean the code will be sold or shared for everyone to imitate.
If you could obtain this code or find something similar open source, then it would be up to you to integrate this in Unreal.

But you can be sure Google and Apple are working on this and will implement more of these features into ARKit/ARCore
and so the AR plugins will bring this to unreal engine. Well… IF… epic move up a gear on mobile AR, currently sadly you are better off with Unity.

Thx, man! Got it! I guess we can’t help but wait for the bright future.