how to add simple images ?

hello !

how can i add a simple image to an object ?

lets say i have a .jpg file (photo of a cat) and in my game i have a wall - and now i want to put that image on the wall (and perhaps change the size of the image a bit).

how can i do that ?

when i import the .jpg and simply put it on an object then it appears like materiel - the cat repeats 10x on the object …

thank you !

What you are describing can be done by using Decals. I have a basic tutorial on it here:

Hope it helps!

thx for your fast answer.

wow - first thing i did was bookmarking your youtube channel :smiley:

yea in a way that is exactly what i am looking for … but i cant get it to work …

if i follow your video then i get the same result … i see my image on the ground … i can scale that and so on … works fine …

but i cant figure out how i can put the image on a wall … i tried to rotate it by 90degrees but somehow that does not work

found this :

so that means i cant use a simple image in my project without this workaround ?


Do it like this:

  1. Save your image to specific folder.

  2. Create folder within the “Materials” folder (e.g., “Materials/Custom”).

  3. Drag and drop the image into the new folder.

  4. Right click on the image. Choose “Create Material”.

  5. If an error occurs, set the image to the required format.

well some reason my image keeps ov overlapping the full size of the wall but I just want the full size of the wall only