How to add pistol animation in shootergame templ

How to add pistol animation in shootergame template i woulth like to have a pistol added in shootergame we have allready machinegun but how we can add more weapons with other animations anyone have a idea

Have you already modeld and animated your pistol in a 3D Modeling Program?

If yes, look how the other 2 weapons were implemented and do it the same way. This shouldn’t be very hard to just “copy”.

Its possible to do this by simply making a clone of the “Gun” blueprint (the machinegun) and naming it something else, like Pistol, and setting your pistol mesh (assuming you made one already) to it. Now in the player blueprint add it to the list of starting weapons. If you test now, you will see your gun in the third slot, (press Y/Triangle twice or press Q twice) and when you shoot you will notice it fires rapidly. Simply tweak the cloned gun blueprint to your liking until it is like a pistol. Same for Shotguns, Snipers, and more.