How to add outline to a Text Render component?

I have a Text Render component in one of my actors and would like to add a black outline to it. In widgets, it’s trivial cause you just go to a given text widget’s Appearance → Font → Outline Settings and set it there but with Text Render component, there’s no such option, only the general color of the font. How would I go about adding an outline like in widgets?

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You can create a custom text material that lerps in an outline into the base color:


Perfect, just what I needed, thanks a lot! The only question I have is - when I try to bump the outline thickness higher thatn 0.5, the text becomes completely dark in my case, why is that so? Lower values work fine, only the larger ones break something. Can I somehow make it thicker?

Ya, this was thrown together pretty quickly and the params aren’t very descriptive. You can control the actual thickness of the outline using the OutlinePos parameter. It takes pretty small values so you might want divide it by 100 or something so you can use whole numbers to control the thickness a bit better.

Perfect - thanks a lot!

Hi @clayton.campbell thanks for the info - however, my rext body now looks kind of grey, not a clear white. Any thoughts on that? It’s just ever so slightly ‘off’


@Ssteidle - You could try to plug the result of the color lerp in the Emissive Color input. Seems to work on my side!

@grainofsalt Worked like a charm! Should change your handle, giving out such sincere advice as that ; j


Haha. You’re very welcome!

How do You get those green ‘outline _’ Boxes ?

@ECHS BACHS - These are called ‘Scalar parameters’ (equivalent of a float variable in blueprint). There are different ways to create them.

Method 1:
Right-click in the background of the material and search for ‘ScalarParameter’. You should see a green node with a ‘0’ value. Then, right-click this new green node and select ‘Convert to parameter’. You can then assign a name to this parameter and edit it in the material instances.

Method 2:
Similar to method 1, but there is a keyboard shortcut to accelerate the creation, instead of right-click + searching. Simply hold ‘1’ and click anywhere in the material graph. It will create a scalar node with the value ‘0’ - then just follow the same steps as method 1 to convert it to a parameter.

Method 3 - My favorite :slight_smile:
There is yet another shortcut, which is personally my favorite method to create a scalar parameter. Just hold ‘s’ and click anywhere in the material graph. It will create a scalar node, but already converted to a parameter. Just rename it and you’re good to go!


I’m not able to see the link anymore, it just says " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."
Is there a way to see it?

This creates a inner outline, is it possible to change it to create it outside the letters?