How to add Niagara System to Add Notify State Trail?

So I recently trying to move to Niagara, so I was creating sword trail effect until I cannot find where to put Niagara System to my animation Anim Notify State Trail. Is there any ways to do that? or is it another ways to do sword trail on Niagara?

@PowerBerries Thank you for asking this question. I literally looked for this last week and said ‘Eff it,’ bit just bit the bullet and used Cascade just to get my work taken care of. I would love to know this too.

Because of how Niagara works you don’t actually need a trail… Just go with the timed niagara and set up the emitter properly.

4 - Attach the Niagara Effect to a Character

Hi, thanks for answering, but my main problem is I want to attach my niagara system to 2 socket like Cascade does, so it will looks like trail with width, I think thats why there is Timed particle effects and Trail as diferent notofy state options.

Niagara straight off the tutorial can be attached to bone/sockets as well.
it doesn’t scale, but you can parametrize it easily.
Granted you need to learn how because its a bit convoluted.

In the emitter, add a parameter, split the initial size variable and use the parameter created on it (preserve default value).
thats the easy part. The rest is on the system.

You can just add a variable and control it manually - possibly the easiest.
or you can add a scratchpad module and get the socket scale, and pass it to the variable.
watch this to learn about vars and scratchpads.

I need to ask bc this answer seems to add light to one doubt i have.
If i did a Blueprint that inherits from the Timed Niagara Effect. How can i implement this blueprint (lets say overriding the “every tick/update”) to set a value for the Module Script?
*(To one module script i added to my Niagara System)