How to add Morph Target Animation to an existing Animation sequence

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to set up a morph target animation pipeline for my characters from Blender. So how i have it set up at the moment is, I have my characters imported in UE4. And i bring in animation clips by simply exporting the animated rig alone and assigning the appropriate skeleton while importing to UE4. I have all my characters sharing the same skeleton, so I have set it up so it’s easy to swap characters. Also the way Blender exports anim clips via FBX, it automatically exports all existing animation clips that are being used by the skeleton. So that means if I have 3 characters animated in Blender, I just have to export one of them and it brings all character anims into UE4 as separate anim sequences in one single FBX. It was completely by accident but it’s perfect for my pipeline.

Although, my characters have their facial animations driven by Keyshapes (blendshapes) and I’d have to export each head mesh as a skeletal mesh to bring the facial animation into UE4. My question is, How do I set up the morph target animation to work with certain anim sequences? In the previous iteration of this pipeline, I used to export each character separately by selecting the rig along with the head mesh. This brought in the facial animations in with the anim sequence. And in Persona, the morphtarget curves were already set up and keyed properly for each anim sequence.