How to add more weight to a static mesh?

I have just added a new enemy to my game, but you’re not supposed to be able to destroy it. I want you to be able to push it around, like into lava to use it as a stepping stone. I got the general pushing part down, I just need help finding out how to add more gravity to my enemy, because of right now, it just flips and turns when I push it, but I want you to push it and it moves smoothly without turning and flipping.

P.S: My enemy is an actor made out of a static mesh.
Thank you in advance. --Roboboy258

For turning and flipping you can set constraints in the Physics section. Lock any axis you need.

For weights, just set Mass to something higher. Same, in the Physics section of the Details.

Thank you, I’ll try that as soon as possible, it it seems like it would work.
With gratitude —Roboboy458