How to add more than one lightsource to a GetActorRotation node in the level bluprint

Currently, I’m working on a project that uses a halftone & crosshatch shader I got off of gumroad. It’s all based on the direct light or any light that I plug into the nodes on the event graph (This was stated in the included pdf). I’m trying to apply this to a small animation of buildings passing by the camera but in certain areas that are in shadow look terrible. I figured the best way to fix this is to find some way to add another light that affects the shader from this event graph, but I can’t figure out what to do to be able to add another light.

I am a complete beginner to Unreal so a lot of this I’m learning on the fly. Any answers to this are very appreciated and if it’s simplified format that’s appreciated even more. Thanks in advance

Hi, there! Just add one more Light Actor to your Level, after that you will be able to reference it in Level Blueprint. And one step further - you can take GetActorRotation node for every Actor.

Hi thanks for the reply. So far I know how to reference the light in the level blueprint, but I can’t figure out how to connect it to the node group in the pic above. I’m assuming the last part of your reply answers this part of the question. If I understood correctly you’re saying there is a way to make the current GetActorRotation take from both lights. If I’m correct how would I do that, and if I am wrong could elaborate that part a bit more?

I was just saying that you can get rotation from every actor. If you have two light actors - then you easily can get two rotations respectively. What are you planning to do with them - depends on you problem and your project. So there is no one “correct” way to concatenate two rotations…