How to add layers to a dynamic material instance?

I would like to dynamically add and delete layers to my materials.

At the moment I know how to create it, and I know how to access its parameters.

But how to add and remove?

I was looking in the documentation, in the forum, in google, in Youtube and I did not find the information that I want…

Can someone show a short example of how to add and remove layers please?

Thank you very much!!

I highly doubt that’s possible.

I can imagine being able to change the layers at runtime, but not add / remove.

PS: I can’t find anything about change the layers at runtime… ( params yes, but not the layer functions ).

I would be interested if anyone else can shed some light.

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For me it would be enough to have two layers in most cases in which I plan to use it.

I would use a static background. And the foreground would use it to apply some other effect.

So if I could add/remove the foreground layer everything would be much easier and cleaner.

Thank you very much for your comment ClockworkOcean!! :sparkling_heart:

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