How to add layers on a Landscape Material with existing blending techniques?

Okay, so I’m setting up a landscape material, and I’m using a blending technique that can be found from this video: UE4 Landscape Material Summary - YouTube

Essentially what is set up in the material editor is the textures in material functions and slope values being added so that at certain angles, certain textures show up, so it goes from flat (grass) to slanted (dirt) to high angle (rock) and then there’s a specific blending technique that’s used that I’m not sure how to explain very well.

Anyway, my question is: Is it possible to add layers (so I can paint a path in the landscape editor) in the material editor along with the blending “base layer”. So what I’m looking to do is to make that “grass, dirt, rock” blended layer the base then have other textures in different layers so that I can paint onto the landscape. Am I able to do that in the material editor? And if not, how would you recommend working around this problem so that I can add a path that forms and blends to the landscape like it would if I painted it on?

I second this question :slight_smile: I am also in need of paint layers atop of my auto layers. Is someone able to help a couple a fella’s?

RATSGAME has a video demonstrating how he does it with this landscape technique. However, for advanced landscapes that use all material attributes, it proves tricky to get both methods to work together.