How to: Add decal to material


i do not get it, but it should be easy :smiley:

For example: i have a simple material with a 1024x1024 image plugged in Base Color

Now i want to add a 32x32 decal to that material at position X/Y

How can i do that ? :smiley:

Thanks in advance

Hello raidfire,

Here is a link to UE4’s source on how to create decals. Basically you have to create a decal material, create an actor, and then attach that material to that actor. Once you’ve done this you will drag it into your level.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately i’ve already read this tutorial.
It is nice how easy decals can be put into the world and i will use this later.

But currently i wanna do something more “wierd” :smiley:

I have created a minimap with a scenecapture2D and symbols that moves on that map regarding to their original location on the real map.

Now… i wanna create quest areas and this is where the crazy things comes :smiley:

I can do that already, but only with rectangular minimaps. I just draw the quest area as an image within a border and “padding” it out to the right location. This way you can handle images that should not be drawn outside of the border. But there are no “round” borders in UMG, so i have to do it differently. Plugin? No, not user friendly :smiley: Material? Yes! But how?

So this is the case: I have an image for UMG. On this image all quest areas should be drawn if they are in range. I can handle all the math stuff :smiley:

But how can i draw and shift a smaller image on a bigger image?

I think, that declares it better, what i mean.

Hope it is understandable.


So to clarify you are doing something like a small UMG image in the corner, or wherever, and as you move throughout the area you want the mini image to be filled in similar to Mario? This way you can keep track of where you are moving and can be say pulled up in the view port by clicking on it or interacting with it in some way.

Let me know if this is along the lines of what you are looking for?

I will also link you our wiki’s documentation on UMG and UI Design


it is a minimap with symbols that always change the position on that minimap depending on where the player is and if these locations (symbols) are within range so that they will be shown on that map. That works fine. Here is the pic:


Now i wanna make quest areas. When i draw them like the symbols i will get this result:


So i have to find a way that the quest areas do not fill out the whole screen :smiley:
I have found a solution, but only for rectangular minimaps: create a border for every quest area image and change the padding value. This picture shows it what i mean:

Now the main issue i have. How to do this for round or better to say elliptic minimaps. There are no elliptic borders available in UMG. I do not want to create C++ code cause it would be non user-friendly when the user have to add a plugin (i work with plugins).

This issue seems to be my last big issue for this project, so if anybody has a nice solution, i would owe you one :smiley: This project for free for example :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what I would do is fade in your objects. Have them all on screen behind your object or an image of a circle of the same size. Once you enter that area or zone then all you would have to do is change their Z order and bring that circle surrounding the house, our better yet over the compass and make it like a red zone or whatever color to indicate you are in that area. Right now UE4 doesn’t have a very good clipping system and this is one of those work around options.

I highly encourage you to look through all of the UMG documentation and make sure you know exactly how it’s done before punching buttons though :).

Hi ,

i have read your answer a few times and thought a lot of it.

Maybe i didnt get it or we talked at cross purposes.
I do not need to activate or deactivate these areas.
I just want something like this:


The areas are images. They can be anything, not just a circle. They should just not be drawn outside of the minimap.

Sorry for disturbing again :smiley:

Solution found :smiley:

Keyword: Texture cropping

Good, I’m glad you found a viable solution.

Can you pls explain how to make Texture Cropping to have circle shape? :smiley:

Yes, i will explain. Not in detail, just the workaround:

With Texture Cropping you can make a texture smaller and you can shift it.

Make it smaller by setting the new upper left and new bottom right corner.

Shift it by changing the UV: Plug in the Addition of TextureCoordinates and a Constant2Vector. Change the Constant2Vector as you need to shift

The circle shape is just another texture, a mask. Plug in this mask into the Opacity or Opacity Mask.

Thats all :smiley: