How to add custom widget in scrollbox on c++

I hope you can “read” C++ Slate code because it would look something like this:

+ SScrollBox::Slot()

which doesn’t make a lot of sense until you’ve gotten your hands dirty with Slate and wrapped your head around how it does construction. :slight_smile:

There’s a great overview of Slate C++ wise here.

I had a problem when trying to add a widget to the Scrollbox. Widget inherited from the UuserWidget class. Such a widget is well added in the designer, but in c++ code I can not find in any way how to do this. Help me, please

Are there other ways to solve the problem, besides the use slate? It’s worth noting that even in the blueprints I could not find how to add a custom widget to the scrollbox.

Ah, you mean UMG (which is technically built on top of Slate IIRC, so the calls are similar):

UScrollBox* MyScrollBox; // I'm going to assume this is created somewhere either through the UMG Designer or through a NewObject call.

MyScrollBox->AddChild( MyCustomWidget ); // Where MyCustomWidget is the widget you want to add to the scrollbox

Thanks, I figured it out. It turns out that the problem was that the ScrollBox-> AddChild () function can not have a parameter UUserWidget. With CanvasPanel this function work well.