How to add Custom TextureGroup?

I understood how to change settings in an already exist Texture Group. But I want to add new texture group which has custom name and settings such as “TEXTUREGROUP_Monster=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=1024,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point)”.

Unfortunately, I added that kind of command to [SystemSettings] in DefaultEngine.ini, but I couldn’t find “Monster” from texture group list in UE4 Editor. I also tried to add same command to BaseEngine.ini, but I couldn’t find it either.

I checked and confirmed, my custom setting applied when I added custom texture group setting with same name as already defined in engine.

In short, is there a way to add new custom texture group which has new name, not modifying already exist one?

Hi there!

The TextureGroup listings are defined in code.

If you look in TextureDefines.h you can see the enum where they’re set up. You should be able to add a new index to the enumeration. You’ll then need to use the INI file to adjust the settings.

Does this help?


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Thanks a lot! It helped me a lot.

Of course you can!
I’m happy to contribute to UE4 community if this kind of small things can help others.