How to add collision effect to static mesh

Hi I am trying to add some sort of impact effect when my static mesh(rocks) collides against something dirt effect will come out. I am new to unreal and that is something I am trying to do and I have no clue on how to do so.

Well, there are a lot of different ways to do things in Unreal. The “easiest” way to do this would be to make the mesh a blueprint with an overlap box and have it trigger a particle effect when it overlaps something.

I’m not sure that would be good for performance, though, depending on how many rocks you are planning on having. If the player doesn’t interact a lot with the rocks, then maybe the entire thing (rocks and all) can be a particle effect.

To start off, I recommend looking through google and youtube for “Unreal Niagara Beginner” or similar. You will need to know at least the basics to make a dust effect, and entire 30-minute tutorials are a bit much to explain on simple message board posts. :slight_smile:

Edit: It occurs to me that you may already have a dust effect and are not trying to make your own. If you don’t need to make your own dust effect, then, I guess just use “spawn system/particle” nodes on the overlap of a blueprint. Easiest way to do it for beginner.

Hi thanks for your reply, so I decided to take the route to do this effect inside of sequencer. I have the animations of rocks falling down I recorded their transform using take recorder. Then I added a smoke effect inside of the sequencer and activated the effect when ever the rock hits the ground. The only issue now is that I don’t know how to activate the apex destruction effect inside of sequencer and not sure if its possible. I am trying to add destruction to some rocks giving it more of a realistic look when the rocks hit the floor.

On hit:
Spawn effect actor here.