How to add attachments to a modded weapon

I was trying to make a better version of the longneck rifle for my first mod and my modded version would not accept any attachments.
Is there an option to allow this?

How did you did your longneck? Copy of the original or Child?

It won’t matter if it’s a child or not due to the way the attachments work.
On the attachments under “support drag onto items” it will say “PrimalItemWeapon_OneShotRifle” then there will be a “support drag onto classes” which will be “WeaponOneShotrRifle” or something like that.
When you drag the attachment onto the weapon it checks the “items” and produces the matching “class”.
“Items” can recognize childs (if I remember correctly) but “class” does not.
So basically if you want attachments for it you will need to create new attachments and link them to your new weapon.

See this thread for more info:

Thanks for the help.