How to add an outer glow effect to UMG visuals

Hey everyone
I’ve been trying to figure out how to add an outer glow effect to UMG Visuals/Texts but have a hard time finding any answers for it. I’m trying to create this blueish glow:

I’ve been playing around a bit with outlines and shadow but its far from ideal.


Would anyone know to create such a glow?

Assign a UMG material to Outlines(its going to be hard making this work btw.) make it fade out at a certain point (like a box mask with screen aligned uv s and full X size and a low Y size that matches text size) .increase and decrease fade using a time node plugged into sine for more cool looking glow.For images i think you must add glow before importing to UE .

Thank you! Added outline material that fades from center to top and bottom Y values. It’s not perfect but it gets a far better result then anything ive found so far.

HI @Adca_Dev
Can you show me your material ?
Did you find a better way to achieve this ?