How to add a dot to a specific & limited area on a material?

Hi i was wondering how i would go about adding a paramter (for use of MID later) that would allow me to place a dot wherever i wanted in the uv space of that mask. is there a way to 0-1 space those uv’s? i don’t have a clue whats the best way of doing this. This will eventually be used for a radar.
Many Thanks :slight_smile:

You want add or blend those 2 textures?

For blending you have multiple ways: simple add or multiply outputs (white output dots in texture node). You can also do LinearInterpolation between 2 textures using alpha texture (or alpha value).
So play with add, multiply and LERP nodes, also ComponentMask is great node that helps with data conversion here.

For UVs you have nodes: TextureCoordinate, panner, rotator.
TExtureCoord - you can tile your texture (or show just 1/4th of it or 1/2nd, upper/lower half etc.
Panner - it kind of pans/scrolls texture over time, but it has this time node, you can connect there constant value, that can be parameter
Rotator - same as panner but rotates. You put Pi/180 as speed, then time is rotation in degrees.

OneMinus node is worth mentioning, it negates texture or value ie. 1-x.
Power node is contrast, and you have desaturation node

Thanks for the nodes lesson ha, im not simply wanting to blend the two. the white circle is being used as a mask at this stage as thats the only area i want to be affected. within that area of the mask i need to create a varibale that can be manipulated in BP and used as a dynamic material instance. that variable needs to display a number of dots (variable) on any desired UV space within that mask. Maybe ive gone the complete wrong way of doing this but i’d didnt really have a great idea on how to start. the mask represents an area on a mesh in which i want to create a radar.
Hope ive made it clearer what i want :slight_smile: Thanks