How to Activate Alternate Frame Rendering Feature??


Seeking to find more information on how to activate or use the alternate frame rendering feature that was described in the latest UE 4.15 release. There seems to be zero information out right now on this yet it was announced as being a new feature released. I know and understand they stated “Developers will need to work with NVIDIA to test their game and to have it automatically switched over to AFR where appropriate.” I have contacted Nvidia support and they told me to post my question to there developer forums where it has since sat 2 days without an answer to my post there.
[Link to Nvidia Developer Fourm Post][2]

Have tried a few things to see if this feature would automatically kick in to utilizing SLI in the new update by changing in the Nvidia Control Panel the UE4 Editor.exe rendering mode to AFR and AFR2 and had no luck. Also tried changing the SLI profie of the UE4 Editor.exe using Nvidia Profile inspector changing the SLI rendering mode to AFR and changing SLI profile to another SLI approved profile and had no change either. Im using SLI GTX 980ti’s , wanted to note that in testing this im monitoring my GPU clock speeds and can see when one of the cards boosts up when in the editor and the other is idling. Also tried this during simulate, simulate selected view-port, and playing stand alone. I have not tried packaged yet.

Hoping to find out more information on how to activate this feature and test it out. Thanks for any help or additional info.