how to achieve this lens distortion effect?

Hey everyone!
Could you guys help me out, with creating this lens distortion effect like in this screenshot below:
blurry corners, distortion & scratches etc… just the effect, not the actual graphic/typo hud.
Coming from unity3d, I’m still trying to figure out everything, so please go easy on me :wink:
(and yes, i know there is bloom with dirty lens option… )


The blurry effect You can make in the camera under the DOF section (or making a postprocess volume):

As for the scratches, You can make a postprocess material and hookup under the Blendables in the camera settings:th

You can make very cool effects for the camera with it.

Hope it helpt You a little bit :slight_smile:


Just like in Sonic X-Treme demo trailer? Lens flare effect?