How to achieve sharp AA without artefacts

Currently, I am working on creating stylized animation in UE however, I am absolutely lost on how to set up my settings in order to have sharp anti-aliasing without any artefacts such as ghosting or blur.

To showcase the differences in AA modes:

No AA:



MSAA (no effect?):


All rendering quality settings should be at the highest setting.
While TSR gives me the closest (and almost acceptable result) it does in many cases cause these heavy ghosting artefacts:

Because this is meant for animation, any artefacts or jagged edges are unacceptable. It is fine for me to use up more computer resources to render these frames in real time if necessary so I would appreciate any help on how to achieve sharply rendered frames!

You have to enable forward rendering to use MSAA. You can then use 2x or 4x MSAA to achieve nice anti-aliasing. Good luck

If it’s for animation and not real time, just crank up the render resolution. The artifacts will be reduced when using AA at high resolutions, and quite often after downsampling a higher resolution output AA will be unnecessary (this is essentially what MSAA does anyway). You can also adjust variables in the console for AA but it’ll always be a compromise between ghosting and aliasing with TAA.

Thank you for the response.

So MSAA with the cranked-up resolution has indeed improved the jagged edges quite a bit and it produces no artefacts.

8K res + MSAA with 8 samples:

That being said, I am still not happy with it. The edges are still pretty jagged and while I said I am not exactly constrained by computer resources my computer can only handle so much increased resolution before the editor it self becomes unusable.

I still feel that this can’t be right because the same model with almost identical shaders within the viewport of Blender doesn’t produce nearly as many jagged edges.

It’s not like the viewport of Blender uses crazy resolutions so I am extremely confused why I can’t recreate the same quality in Unreal engine without spending several magnitudes more computer resources.

I feel like there is still missing something.

If it’s not for real time, when you use Movie Render Queue you can choose anti aliasing options there that are an order of magnitude better.

I am aware, however, my projects involve live events so it has to be real-time I’m afraid.

You could try DLAA then.

I have an AMD card and I know that they have FSR instead which is something I will experiment with soon. But I was hoping there were alternatives yet to be discovered, thanks for the suggestion though.

In terms of quality:


and obviously increasing resolution will drastically help in any case.

edit: and higher framerate will reduce the ghosting

have you found any solution? I have tried fsr2.2 , it also has this problem