How to achieve (or fake) daylight streaming through sewer manhole into dark tunnels?

The tunnels are completely dark. Torches on the walls can be lit or extinguished and the player carries a light.

There is no Directional light, fog, or skylight in the scene. Adding these bleeds through the meshes.

I have a spotlight shining down through the opening now, but this can’t be seen by the player. It illuminates the floor mesh underneath and the player model.

I would like something approximating the shaft of sunlight that one would expect from an opening to the exterior and the circle of light/sky above.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions! :slight_smile:

You should check the project they have from the Learn Tab in the launcher. The one that called “Particle Effects”.

They have a full cave scene there with all sorts of goodies. They have these “godrays” that they fake with a static mesh and a material on it. I believe the whole scene doesn’t have a directional light so it should work for you .:smiley:

Thanks! Sounds great! :slight_smile: