How to achieve blurry glass material?

I am currently on an ArchViz project that requires blurry glass.(It is blurry glass not frosted glass.)
So I checked if Gaussian blur or radial blur node in material editor. However, I cannot find any node that directly applies any blur filter on material, the only blur effect is only about particle system. Then I checked online for some info, and I found this Engine Features Preview 5/29/2015 - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums
I don’t remember which version this doc applies to but according to the date of this thread, I think it is 4.8 and it should be the same as 4.10 I guess. At the new material node section, there is a new node called “Spiral Blur Scene Texture”
Here is the screenshot:
In the pic, it shows that there is a new blur node in UE4, but I still cannot find it in 4.10.1
So my research continues, and I find this: So Blurred glass material is impossible in Unreal Engine 4? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums
I did as exactly as RyanB said in his replies including his code to make custom node, and I am pretty happy with the result, I got blurry effect looks like real glass, however, the only problem is I got strange white line happens on the bottom of the viewport. I know this sounds very confusing so I post a screenshot to clarify what I want to tell.
Here is the link:
I found that this problem happens with distance settings. When I increase the distance value to about 0.5, the white line covers more area above viewport bottom side, and when I lower it to 0.01, the white line gets narrower. So it should be with the code inside custom node, but I am not a programmer so I don’t know how to fix that.
And I really want to know when this node will be officially made in engine. Thanks in advance.

I believe what you are looking was termed “distortion” in previous engine versions (UDK). Now there is RefractionDephBias . Make a surface(Material Domain) transclucent Material.
use a scalar parameter to set opacity to .2 and the base color to .3
Hook up a texture to the refraction pin - like one of the channels of a dirt or rocks texture.

Download The free Content Examples Project.There is an example on the Material properties level

Thanks for that info, but I think that you misunderstand what I wanted to tell, sorry for that I didn’t make it clear.
So here is what I want. I want a blurry glass which has blur effect like Gaussian blur filter. So I found this:So Blurred glass material is impossible in Unreal Engine 4? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums
The replies by RyanB are really helpful and it is really good actually and looks like Gaussian blur, so I want to use that custom node to make blurry effect. However, the thing is there was a problem occurred during the test I made.
In this screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
As I’ve written on it, there will always be a white area when viewport or camera clips with glass mesh. I just want to get rid of it.

Well, since blurry glass material is not most of people’s high priority, I decided to go to the original thread and ask Epic game’s staff for help. Here is the thread: What am I missing in my blurred glass material? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums
In the #12 post, I asked the the question, then #13 is the reply from RyanB who originally posted the blur node code.
So the problem comes with editor and when I started a standalone game, the problem disappeared so for anyone who encountered this problem, just finish the project and launch the project with standalone game, it will be fine.
So, this problem is sort of fixed.