How to achieve a wavy swirling texture effect on a flat surface?

Hey guys!

Working on something new which is to achieve a swirl looking effect on the face of a simple plane mesh. The effect can be seen using the below material setup and making sure the preview sphere is used.


It can be seen if you rotate the preview sphere so that you can see a point where everything radiates from. The problem i’m running into is that I want this effect to happen on a flat plane mesh or just one side of a cube mesh. As you can see below, this is what the material looks like if previewed with anything but a sphere.


The effect is gone! I only see a bunch of vertical lines which is not what I want. How to solve this problem? I need help from the rendering gods I swear :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure you are looking for a swirl? Your drawing looks more like something similar to radial or polar coordinates.


This would be a swirl:

Yeah good point - It is the radial coordinates that I would like. Hold on, let me try fooling around with that first picture of yours. Thanks for your reply!


Ok this is what I have now. The problem i’m running into is that ZWorldSpaceFlow node only accepts Texture2D objects so I can’t connect the radial coordinated texture to it. It says “Float3 is not compatible with Texture2D” when I connect white to white.

How can I convert so I can attach the two nodes?? I need to be able to feed it in there so the texture can move over time.

Another slightly annoying issue is that there an orange line in the texture now which I’m hoping will go away once I can get it to move.