How to acheive the Borderlands 2 toon shader like effect?

Hello Everybody…I hope that all is well with you all.

I am in such a Great Mood, I thought I would jump on and ask a few questions…

My first questions is this:

How did they create the look of “Borderlands 2”? I know that they used the Unreal Engine in the game, but I am really wondering how they achieved that “toon Like shader look”?

Second Question:

The game was so fun to play, I just wondered how they figured how to get things to move so fast? Like when I was playing off-line, the AI itself just seem to be flawless.

Can you achieve “AI” with Blueprints or do you have to code c ++ to actually get that to work that well?

I have been playing around with Blueprints and I really like them! I think it’s a Great Idea and I can see how it speeds up “workflow”…

Thanks Guys!

Borderlands just uses an edge detection post processing effect (a sobel filter I think). Rest of the look was done by making the textures look cartoony.

Perfect, thanks jonimake!!! I just always wondered how they did it!

Everyone has been really friendly to me on this forums…Such a Great feeling…