How to acess control rig variable in blueprint?

hi. first, im sorry about my bad english.

can i acess control rig variable in blueprint?

i searched in google and found that using anim bp solution but that is not helpful in my case.

is there any solution for set control rig variable value in blueprint?

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Was just looking for this and found a solution, although very hard to find, so I am relaying this so it can get out more!

Once you add a variable to control rig, it is then accessible within your animation blueprint. If you don’t have an animation blueprint yet, there is now a “ControlRig” node that you can place in the AnimGraph. You can then click on the node, and in the details panel, at the bottom, you can assign your ControlRig class, and then all your variables will appear as optional checkboxes. Enable the ones you wish, and feed your data through the animation blueprint as normal. If you haven’t brought data into an animation blueprint before, just go into the Event Graph, you get the parent actor, cast to your character/actor, set it as a variable, and then you can “get” your character/actor and pull it’s variables, and feed those into the ControlRig node!


You can just use a control ( linked to absolutely nothing ) within the control Rig, which you can then change to be a boolean, float, whatever,
By doing so, if you use the control Rig component in a BP, you can access that control by using “Get Control” from the control Rig component.
If you want to use a variable, RealAero gave you the solution already.

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Hm… that looks like that doesn’t work for me. When I click the variable checkbox in the “Output” section, then appropriate checkbox also switches on in the “Input” section, and the pin of my variable appears in the front only of Control Rig node…

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Has anyone found a solution to this? I’m running into the same thing where the pin for the variable I would like to use only appears as an input.

Might have something to do with this node, but I don’t know what to put in “in value”