How to Access Paper2D in Code

Hey guys,

I feel like a real idiot regarding this, but I have NO idea how to access Paper2D classes in my code.

I looked at this tutorial,
but I’m not sure if any of it’s even relevant to accessing Paper2D stuff in code?

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.1 and have enabled the Paper2D plug-in

So yeah my question basically is, step-by-step, how do I access Paper2D classes in my own code?

Did you get anywhere with this?

I’ve got as far as trying to create a APaperSpriteActor and set the sprite on the rendercomponent but am getting exceptions thrown when I call InitializeSprite on the newly created sprite. Some sample code would definitely save me a bunch of trial and error getting this right!

In case others get here following the same path as me this gets somewhere:

void CreateTestSprite(UTexture *pTestTexture, UWorld *pWorld, AActor *pOwner)
     APaperSpriteActor* spawnedSprite = pWorld->SpawnActorDeferred<APaperSpriteActor>(APaperSpriteActor::StaticClass(), FVector::ZeroVector, FRotator::ZeroRotator, pOwner);
     if (spawnedSprite)
         FSpriteAssetInitParameters initParams;
         UPaperSprite *pNewSprite = (UPaperSprite *)StaticConstructObject(UPaperSprite::StaticClass(), spawnedSprite);
         spawnedSprite->SetActorScale3D(FVector(200.0f, 200.0f, 200.0f));

For long time check, I have put solution in Forum. Check this out.