How to Access Multiple Vertex Map data from Alembic

Hello Guys,
Im facing this really annoying issue here, hope you would help me out.
I created a simulation in Cinema 4D Realflow, and created some vertex maps for velocity, age, speed to texture them accordingly.
After importing it into Unreal as Alembic, I tried to create a blend material using the Vertex color node, it did pickup a vertex map, but its not the one I want to use.
How can access the right map ?

This is how I get it, its showing only one of the vertex maps from the Alembic
I tried using R,G,B channels individually, but its the same in every slot

Hey Man, I hope you figured it out by now! I just wanted to thank you for this example, it worked with Hot4D ocean + Vertex map to bring them in and control the foam material! :stuck_out_tongue: