How to access a blendable material from Blueprint?

I made a postProcess material that I want to control via blueprints but I have no idea how to access it

how can I access the blendables to change parameters from a blueprint?

thanks a lot for you help.

Again, I’m back at this and need help doing this, what I’m doing is trying to trigger a parameter change on the post-process shader when the player gets hit, nothing seems to work at the moment, please help.

Thank you

I managed to do it in another, I will try your method cause it seems simpler and I will have to control at least 2 different materials.

thank you

Hey varomix -

The quickest and easiest way is to create a Material Parameter Collection and add whatever vector or scalar varaibles you need to that collection, then in the PP Material which you are using as your Blendable add the parameters through the Parameter Collection node. Then in your Blueprint (I tested on Level Blueprint) use the Set Scalar or Vector Parameter node that references the Parameter Collection.

Let me know if you need further explanation -

Eric Ketchum